About us

At present time, an active work on creation of Ukrainian Federation of Rollersport on a base of "Kyiv city independent federation of rollersport of all kinds and trends" (which functions from 27 august 2007) is in process. The head of federation is USSR world-class athlete in speedskating, multiple winner of Ukrainian, USSR and others international championships - Alexander Symonenko. For the period of work the Federation was avowed by European and International rollersport federations.The following directions are developed:

  • SPEEDSKATING - one of the oldest and most popular kinds of skating;
  • SLALOM - performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones;
  • HOCKEY - inline hockey;
  • FREESKATING - different kinds of jumps, tricks, games;
  • ARTISTIC - figure skating.

Many achievements were reached:

  • regional partitions and federations were founded in different cities of Ukraine;
  • different events are held all around the country. One of them is traditional "Kiev Roller Marathon", which gathers more then 500 competitors from various countries every year.
  • a national team of Ukraine was created and worthily represents the country on World, European and others championships.

We are glad to invite all the people, who are interested in developing of this enthralling kind of sport.

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